Saturday, 26 February 2011


Haven’t updated this since I made it so here we go…..

Since September I have been working on my 4th year degree film D’ark. The concept of the animation was Jamie Keddie’s 3rd year film proposal. Forrest Thomson and I joined after the end of 3rd year as we didn’t want to further our films.

Whilst Jamie finalised the storyboards, Forrest and I got onto modelling in Maya. Forrest took full control of the Truck, his little baby, whilst I began on creating Noah.

I created the main body of Noah (head, features, torso, legs and hands). To stay on schedule I passed the Noah model onto Jamie to complete (hat, boots, jacket and general tidy up and scaling) whilst I went onto creating the Junk Hermit.

Both final models below...

After I finished modelling and UV the Junk Hermit, I went onto creating the environment and some of the props which decorate the scene (Skull Sign, Boiler, Torpedo Boat, Feather, Poles)

By this time things were ready to rigged and weighted. So we all had a chance of playing with other models we switched around the characters, Forrest rigged and weighted the Junk Hermit, Jamie Noah and I took on the Crow.

So that’s just an update of what has been going on for the past few months. A lot of work and stress been put into everything, but I think it shows in the work.

At the moment, I am just playing around with the rigs making sure everything moves correctly and looks good. Will post animation render’s soon.

Hopefully by Monday we will be ready to start animating :D :D

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